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Welcome to the world of Time Teens!

More than other questions, Ian Grieve and Ryan Alexander Dewar are asked two things:

  • How did it all came about? 
  • What's going to happen next?

Well, the real begining came many years ago when Ian Grieve had an idea for a story about time travel. A few years later, in 2000, there was an embryonic pitch to CBBC which later evolved into a series of scripts that told the story of how time travel exists.

The series itself is a family adventure drama set in Scotland featuring a myriad of interesting characters and plot twists.

Discovered in 2342, the story tells how, in order to prevent misuse, thousands of ‘Time Pilgrims’ volunteered to go back in time – a one-way trip – committing themselves and their descendants to the task of policing the various corrupt uses of Time Travel.

Ian introduced Ryan to story after they met at Perth Theatre in 2009 and shortly after they began discussing the possibility of making the series. Time passed and they realised that the best thing to do was to make a short prequel in order to strengthen the cause and introduce the characters and story. Quite simply, they had to prove it could be done.

In 2012 they began shooting, with Ryan filming and directing as well as assiting Ian in the rewrite for film. The short film they originally planned became a full length feature film and in 2014 they had a final cut, ready to editted and screened.  

To make this film they had the help of over four hundred people - professional and amateur actors and technicians, local businesses, individuals and organisations, who all gave their time and resources free of charge. It was thanks to this that their ambition was realised and Time Teens : The Beginning enjoyed a Gala Premiere at Perth Playhouse on February 15th 2015. Read all about it and check out the starry red carpet here

Now the bold creative statement has been made. Now they need our politicians, our arts organisations, our local authorities and businesses to join them in an effort to make it happen.

In buying a ticket for a screening, you are celebrating the efforts of the people who contributed to the making of this film. People who want to see this kind of creative industry flourish in their area. You are helping to start something new and vitally important for Perthshire and Angus. And for that, Ian and Ryan thank you. 


Ryan Alexander Dewar – Director | Ian Grieve - Producer

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