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We all love a competition don't we? The chance to win something for free... At Small City, Big Personality we like to show off the vibrant side of our small city and that's why we always have great, big, loud competitions with amazing prizes. 
Its easy to enter - simply click on the competition you fancy the sound of, leave your name and email address and we'll select from all the entries at 5pm on the date shown. You can enter as many competitions as you like - we're not really fans of restriction. 
Make sure you read the full competition rules. Dull, we know, but the letter of the law makes us do it. The nutshell version is that we keep your data and send you alerts and updates from SCBP, Perth. You can unsubscribe at any time with one wee click. 
We really don't want you to do that though because we want you to LOVE us!
Good Luck!  
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