Who Do This Lot Think They Are?

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SCBP, Perthshire's only dedicated online magazine, was established in the summer of 2014 by Nicola Martin.

The idea was born out of a desire to show-off. Show-off this great wee city that is punching well above its weight.  Perth has some of the biggest, loudest and brightest personalities I know. People that are going about their daily lives doing things that are amazing or interesting or just a bit barmy. It has arts, culture, comedy, sports, music and an outdoor playground unlike any other. It also has a nice bridge, I know. 

We're not Glasgow or Edinburgh or Dundee. We're Perth. We're small, compact and bijou. We host international sporting events and open mic days in the pub.  We love our team so much we painted the town blue and white. We know strangers by name because they are our cousin's best-pal's daughter. We are just ever-so-slightly eccentric in so many different ways we don't even realise how marvellous we are.

Perth and its People are vibrant and alive with an energy that's built on the funny, quirky and fabulous. The Small City with Big Personality.

If you like what you read then please do share SCBP with your pals, sign up for news, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter.... or come and say hello when you see me drinking tea or scoffing down burgers in one of our many fine establishments.  

Nicki M x

PS If you don't like it, that's ok. You can always click over and watch cats spin on record players. :-)


Nicola Martin

Nicki owns and runs the magazine and happily writes about a gazillion words a week. She interviews all Big Personalities, covers Stop Press and comes up with all the other ideas that keep Anna awake at night. Apart from that she generally sticks her nose in everywhere!

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Anna Ford

The web genius behind Nicki's random ideas, Anna built the site, maintains it, adds to it, makes it talk to google and play nicely with social media. Fully bespoke and super clever behind the scenes, she has created #SCBP with longevity in mind (and gin in hand!)

Atholl Road Design | Website 

Gill Murray

Gill is the photographer and food lover who creates the stunning images and comes up with the ideas for our recipe section. Shooting from her own kitchen and studio and on location in Perth's fantastic restaurants she has a huge foodie following each and every Thursday.  

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Kay Gillespie

Kay writes our travel section, Perthshire Adventures, where she explores our wonderful Shire through the eyes of a tourist.  A tourism graduate of Edinburgh University she has set her sights on seeing the world, exploring every nook and crannie of Scotland and reporting back to you!

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Rhona Maxwell 

Rhona writes our Family section and together with her gorgeous baby Freya and a team of junior reporters she brings you news on all of our Small City's fabulous family events, cafes, shops classes and more!

Rhona is also our Small City Sales Person and would love to chat to you about any advertising and promotion here on the mag-site and via our social channels and e-newsletter.

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