Nicola Martin : The Boss

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What does a typical day at work look like?

Plenty of coffee, a red hot computer, reading the papers, planning ahead, telling your stories,  writing my columns, helping our clients, eating almost everything, working with the A Team,  lots of laughs, sometimes screw ups, plenty of surprises, tracking down the small city's big personalities, walking to meetings, proofing copy, writing copy, uploading copy, avoiding my accounts, drinking tea, booking adverts, chit-chatting, head stands, yoga stretches, phone calls, cursing at social media, talking gin and loving the talented athletes. 

But not necessarily in that order. 

What's the best part about your job?

I dreamt it up in my own head and now I get to come in every day and do something that I love, for people that I like with a team who feels the same.

How do you spend your weekends/days off?

Eating, laughing, reading and hanging out with the people I love.  Exercise class, theatres, concerts, days away and wall paper stripping all feature sporadically.   

Words of wisdom...

Be kind, be grateful and be happy. And don't be a dick.

Team-mate most likely to: 


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