Free festive weekend parking!!

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When it comes to our favourite combination of words at Small City we've got a few - 'time for gin', 'let's go shopping!', 'Eva Lucia sale' - that are all right up here. But at this crazy time of the year, there's one in particular that's music to our ears:

Free. Parking. Free parking. Free! Parking!

Who amongst us can say that we’re not excited about this? Recently, proposals have been put forth to bring back Perth’s wildly popular free festive weekend parking scheme.

Free. Parking. Free parking. Free! Parking!

Every Saturday and Sunday of December 2018, free parking will be available in all Council-run car parks throughout Perth and Kinross (see list below). As in 2017, the scheme will not apply to on-street car parking bays, which are required for short stay parking.

Introduced last year for the first time, the free weekend parking leading up to Christmas was a big hit amongst shoppers and local businesses alike.  It stands to reason that when you're not watching the clock, you'll stay a little longer and enjoy more of the wonderful shops, restaurants and cafes that Perth city centre has to offer. In fact, a staggering 84% of local businesses said that they felt that it had a positive impact on their trade during the 2017 pilot. 

If you’re planning to take advantage of this free parking scheme to visit our various local businesses, be sure to check out our extensive directory of all the must-visit hot spots in our Small City.

We’ve also put out an exclusive guide of all the best places to visit if you’re hitting up the Café Quarter for a bite to eat – not needing to worry about parking charges is the icing on the cake to a perfect weekend!

Perth and Kinross Council Run Car Parks

The following car parks are covered by the free festive parking offer for 2018:


  • Library East Car Park
  • Library West Car Park
  • Milne Street North Car Park
  • Milne Street South Car Park
  • West Mill Street Car Park
  • Mill Wynd Car Park
  • Mill Street East Car Park
  • Speygate Car Park
  • Canal Street Car Park
  • Charles Street Car Park
  • Leonard Street Car Park
  • Scott Street Car Park
  • Victoria Street Car Park
  • Back Wynd Car Park
  • Norie Miller Car Park
  • Riverside Car Park
  • Thimblerow Car Park
  • South Inch Car Park
  • Canal Street Multi Storey Car Park


  • James Square car park


  • Leslie Street car park
  • Croft Lane / South Side Car Park
  • The Croft / Ericht Lane car park


  • Tay Terrace car park
  • Atholl Street car park


  • Atholl Road car park
  • Ferry Road car park
  • Rie-Achan Road car park
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