Valentine's Dates With A Difference

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Romantics of Perth and Perthshire, this one’s for you. Valentine’s Day is rolling around the corner and if you’re on the look-out for some creative ideas to put a smile on your loved one’s face, we’ve got you covered. Emphasis on the creative – we've got ideas for all of you old-fashioned romantics, and a few unique twists! 

1. Proclaim your love to for all to see | Giraffe Café in Perth City Centre | Running until the 15th February 2019

Remember how excited you’d get when you were wee and received a hand-made Valentine in the playground? Bring back that buzz with this super cute and crafty idea at the Giraffe Café!

For £2 you can design your own Valentine for that special someone and they’ll pop it in the window for all to see. It’s a sweet romantic gesture that we’re sure will put a smile on your loved ones face! up until the 15th. All donations will be put towards Giraffe cafe's refurbishment - they are reorganising the space to include a disabled toilet, and provide a purpose built kitchen to allow for more training. Pop on down to Giraffe >>>

2. Get an adrenaline rush with your crush | Skydiving in Tandem Select weekends all year round

Spending quality time freefalling from 10,000 feet…I mean, it’s definitely guaranteed to make both of your hearts skip a beat or two!Do people tell you you’ve often got your head in the clouds when you’re daydreaming about your crush? Does the idea of a conventional “dinner and drinks” seem a bit…overdone to you?

Maybe this is the unconventional Valentines Day date for you! You can book a skydiving session for yourself and your loved one at Errol Airfield, Perth to redeem over a select weekend. Spending quality time freefalling from 10,000 feet…I mean, it’s definitely guaranteed to make both of your hearts skip a beat or two! More information here >>>

3. Enjoy a romantic home-cooked meal for two | Your House | All year round

Small City fans will know all about the fabulous Gill Murray who creates mouth-watering culinary masterpieces at home – and generously shares her recipes for all us Perthshire foodies to enjoy in our Recipes section! If jumping out of a plane is sending your heart racing – and not in the fun way – why not opt for a cosy night in with a homecooked meal instead?

Food is after all, the way to the heart and making time for a meal together is just as romantic as a loud public proclamation of love. We’ve got plenty to browse from in our recipes section here >>>


You don’t need to travel far to be witness to beautiful, romantic scenery in Perthshire.

4. Go off the grid | Ecocamp Glenshee | All year round

Take a break from the stress and strife of everyday life, and book yourself and your loved one into one of the romantic getaways provided by Ecocamp Glenshee. They provide two really lovely options: there is the romantic wooden pod, or the romantic shepherds hut for two to choose from.

Both are set within the picturesque scenery of Scotland – you can spend your nights potentially gazing at the Northern Lights while getting cosy by the fire – and llamas have been known to roam by too! It’s a quirky little get-away from it all and it’s perfect if you just need a temporary haven away from reality for a little bit. Find out more here >>>

EcoCamp Glenshee - Red hills in backgroud

Remember to send pics of your date nights in to us: we may just feature our favourites in one of our 💖 Galleries of Love! 💖 No matter what your plans, we hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

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