The Holy Grail of Skinny Jeans

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There are many of life’s mysteries we've all pondered but none are stranger than the one surrounding the search for the perfect pair of skinny jeans.  You see, us girls come in all shapes and sizes; short, tall, curvy, boyish, flat bummed and, like me, those who pack a little more junk into their trunk!  Which is why when I read about skinny jeans that flatter everyone I am instantly sceptical.

Cue Lori from Eva Lucia and a recent Facebook post which promised exactly this. And she didn’t stop there. Not only was she touting a pair of skinny jeans that offered a flattering fit to all women, she went one step further and held up the holy grail of comfort.  “NEVER” I thought.  And then I remembered this was a woman who loaned me a pair of her own shoes instead of selling me a new pair and who will tactfully tell you when something isn’t quite the right shape on your body… ie She’s not really one for the fibbing just to make a profit.

Waven JEANS Rodeo Blue DuoAs curious as Alice, I set off for a try on, determined to scrutinise these outlandish claims.  I am 5 foot 4 inches, wear a size twelve, short legs, long body with a proper big peach of a bum and curvy thighs!  It’s also worth mentioning at 45 my size twelve is slightly more bumpy than the zero-body fat version of a teenage size 12. 

I find that getting good-fitting skinny jeans is a tricky task;  my bum sticks out so there is always excess at the waist leaving you howking them up all day long or rocking the denim-bunching-over-a-belt look.  The alternative is to go for a smaller pair and wear them digging into your muffin top ever so slightly (it's padded afterall).  The problem with this (apart from the bleeding obvious!) is that you need to stay standing in order to breathe and loose tops are essential as your middle takes on that not-so-bonny ‘burst couch’ effect.

So would Eva Lucia’s new WAVEN JEANS come good on all their promises? Ladies.... the answer is yes!

Firstly, they are mid-rise so they come up to your waist instead of cutting you across your belly.  However, you don't get that Kylie Minougue in Neighbours circa 1984 look (ask your Mum if you're under 40!) as they fit snuggly all the way up.  There is no sagging and no excess around the front; and this stands true even if you have a butt that’s packing out the back.

And man do they pack it out, lift it up and make it look fantastic!

Waven jeans Trio Back


My bum looked so great in them I could barely believe it! So much so, that convinced these had to be cut for the curvy derriere I challenged Lori to show me a flat bum looking just as good.  Step forward gorgeous and petite Megan in her size six dark blues.... and lo-and-behold she too looked fabulous. 

Our models are sized from a 6 to a 16, are various shapes, heights and ages and they all loved the fit.  I would say if you don’t like a super skinny fit you can go up a size and wear them a wee bit looser as Rachel (spotty top) did.  I found them true to size but the girls who are in between all said they’d go down rather than up to get the skinny fit. 

Made from a stretch denim, they fit almost as snuggly as a jegging but without the dreaded camel sticking its toe in! (Can I say that…? I think I just did!) The big difference is they keep their shape so you get three days of constant wear and no bagging or sagging at the tummy, bum or knees.   The waist sits where it should so when you sit down to eat you don’t cut off your circulation or spend most of the meal wishing you’d ordered rocket and water.   

Waven Jeans TanyaI bought two pairs – one in rodeo blue which is that gorgeous shade of denim that jeans should be and one in black.  The length is good on me with heels and ankle boots and I’ve done a little roll up to wear them with my gold loafers and converse.  Which brings me to their final plus point; these are the day into night jeans you’ve been waiting for.  Dress them up with heels and a sparkly top for a night out on the town or pare them back with flats or trainers for a great, everyday, comfort look.   

Lori is already on her second order and tells me she’s about to go for a third. If finding a flattering, comfortable pair of skinnies is your sartorial goal then consider it mission accomplished! 


Waven jeans – sized 6 to 16 and available in Black or Navy (£52), Rodeo Blue or Pale Blue denim (£50). Now available at Eva Lucia, Scott Street, Perth. 

Thanks to The Parklands Hotel for allowing six women and a gorgeous baby boy to take over their lounge. On that note, can we have a shout out for Gillian who at the time of photographing was mum to Baby Boy Kelly aged just 4 months. Her bum rocked those size 12 skinnies! 

Waven Step ForwardLeft to Right

Anne: Size 6, Rodeo Blue with loose fitting patterned top in blues and oranges £38.
Gill: Size 12, navy jeans with plae blue loose fitting top £38. 
Tanya: Size 10 in navy with cream jumper £52.
Rachel: Size 16, black jeans with black and white polka dot top £49.99.
Nicola: Size 8 in rodeo blue with black top £45. 

Waven Jeans now available for Winter 17/18 in black, navy, trash denim and grey.

Photography by a very happy Fraser Band.

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