Small City Property Is Here!

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What could we do to make our online magazine even better? we wondered    

‘We have recipes, stories, events, sports, family chat… what else do people like to look at online….?’ 

After dismissing the idea of a nude shop owner’s calendar we decided it had to be property!  So, we called in Anna, our trusty web developer and chatted about the sort of property section we’d like to use.  Nice big images, sort by price (if only to search for beautiful homes way out with our budget in a more efficient manner!) and sort by area.   Our plan was showcase homes for sale and rent in Perthshire - all we needed was find a partner who knew what they were talking about!

Here in Perth property is booming, with Clyde in George Street announcing their best ever month for property sales since they opened three years ago.  The latest Rightmove stats show that they’ve sold almost 50% more properties than any other agent or solicitor firm across the PH1 and PH2 areas for this year so far – just the sort of partner we wanted to hook up with.

Anyone who has ever bought a house will know that property porn is the stuff of many a well-spent hour – glass in hand, tablet plugged in to conserve the vast amounts of energy you’ll get through, and your brain working out 10% deposits and monthly repayments quicker than an arithmetic whizzkid at a counting competition, this is pure, unadulterated pleasure.   All be it, your dark side does shine through in the more erratic moments…. “If I sold a kidney and one of the children, maybe we could stretch to the six bed detached in Gleneagles….”  

Thankfully, Clyde is here to help keep our feet - and yours - firmly on the ground, with a whole heap of useful, practical advice for buying, selling and renting.   And because we believe that the best way to chat about anything is through storytelling, we’ll be joining forces with them to bring you lots of great property articles, house renovations, interiors chat and much more.  Make sure to look out for our Perthshire Property of the week (will we ever get any work done I wonder..?) and keep an eye on our social media for inspiration when you’re buying and selling property in Perth and Perthshire

We’ve already built great ties with the team at Clyde - forward-thinking and always looking at ways of improving their marketing package we knew they were our sort of people.  Our partnership means that they can extend the range of services they provide for their sellers and landlords, we have even more great pages for you to browse her on the online magazine and YOU have an entirely new way of searching homes while you research events and read about the big personalities around you!

Gary from Clyde had this to say:

“Our link with the team at Small City is another great way of us demonstrating our forward thinking ethos.  Instead of following the pack or simply introducing something that others have done previously, we like to be leading the way.

Although we’re in the business of selling and renting houses, I take the view that I, and all of the team, should be champions of the Perth area.  We’re all local to Perth and by working with Small City we can help promote the amenities and attractions on a daily basis.  As well as that, we firmly believe that people are at the heart of what we do – we’re very focused on the human side of property and like to think we make a difference to people’s lives and plans.

For all of those reasons, there’s already a really close synergy between what we do and what Nicki and the team at Small City do and I’m really excited to see where this takes us.”

Visit our new Small City Property Section now >>>

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