Rhona Maxwell : Sales and Family Columnist

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Name: Rhona Maxwell

Job Title: Sales Executive and Family Columnist

LinkedIn profile link: rhona-maxwell-49735410b

What does a typical day at work look like?

I’m quite an organised person so I usually have a long to do list split into what I aim to get through each day- it doesn’t always get done but it helps to have a plan! I start by wading through and replying to all my sales emails (I like a tidy inbox!), usually followed by building pages for the site and writing or researching upcoming articles. 

What's the best part about your job?

I love the versatility of my job; no two days are the same! It's also great to be part of a team who support and motivate each other - I know from experience you can't take that for granted!  

How do you spend your weekends/days off?

If we’re not staying put we can usually be found catching up with my in-laws in Glasgow. Otherwise my husband and I take our 2 year old Freya swimming; it's always been her 'happy place'. For a night in you can't beat a takeaway from Tabla, prosecco and having friends round for dinner. When I can I like to catch up on trashy TV like Catfish or First Dates!

Words of wisdom...

A good friend once told me- if in doubt ‘Fake it till you make it!’

Team-mate most likely too...

Be up for a photo opportunity!

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