Helping the Homeless

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Everyone in the Small City office knows Praveen Kumar well and not only is he a great guy but he also cooks up an incredible curry. The Tabla Restaurant and Indian Cook School owner is combining his kindness with his talents tomorrow, as he takes his delicious food out on the streets of Perth to feed the less fortunate.

He’s doing this to mark World Food Day, which is held on October 16th every year and run by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. The FAO’s goal is to eradicate hunger throughout the world by 2030 and events like Praveen’s are held in over 150 countries worldwide which makes it one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar.

The statistics are pretty startling when it comes to world hunger. Approximately 842 million people suffer from it on our planet – that’s nearly 12 percent of the human population. Praveen’s homeland of India has the highest rates of hunger, with figures from 2014 putting the number at 190 million people. Hunger and food poverty is becoming increasingly more common, and foodbanks continue to pop up across the UK. If you think that it’s just a problem for developing or third-world countries then you’re wrong as well. Hunger and food poverty is becoming increasingly more common, and foodbanks – you can read our article on Perth’s Foodbank here – continue to pop up across the UK.

The world actually produces more than enough food to feed everyone and as of 2006, food production was at 2,790 calories per day, per person – yet poverty and homelessness mean that although there’s plenty of grub to go around many people simply cannot access it.

So, to mark World Food Day – which is next Monday – big hearted Praveen will head out onto the streets this Thursday with some of his most popular dishes to help out the homeless people of Perth. It’s a kind gesture from a man who hopes it will help people to think more about those less fortunate than ourselves.

“I think that we all have a lot to think about on World Food Day and we need to remember that much of the world goes hungry. We don’t have to look that far to see it – many of the people in this country don’t have enough to eat.

“There are people on our local streets that are hungry and homeless. I’d love for more restaurants to join in and make a similar gesture. It’s important that we support the less fortunate in our society and this is just a small thing to do.”

What a great gesture from Praveen and a fantastic way to highlight World Food Day. Another example of local businesses in our Small City helping out in the community - great job!


For more information on World Food Day, visit the FAO website.

Praveen's Tabla Restaurant is one of Perth's most-established restaurants, for more information check out Tabla's directory listing.

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