Perth Painted Perfect

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When I first came across Rob Hain’s painting of Perth, I couldn’t help but admire how he captured our great wee city. An explosion of colours, it jumps off the page and it really has captured Perth and some of its people.

A quick scan of the painting and you’ll see local characters like the ‘Perth Scooter Gran’ and everyone’s favourite minister come white water rafter, Scott Burton. Rob’s even managed to paint the Perth Kilt Run on Tay Street – and if you look closely, you’ll see one unlucky runner appears to have lost his tartan while running!

Rob decided to paint our city after a meeting with the Chief Executive of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Mike Robinson.

“When I was initially contacted by Mike at the RSGS to paint the city of Perth, I thought it was a mountain too difficult to climb. Mike persisted however and invited me to their HQ based in The Fair Maid’s House. After a guided tour of the oldest residence in Perth, which concluded in the magical ‘Explorer’s Room’, I was completely won over and I set about the task. After a guided tour of the oldest residence in Perth, I was completely won over.

“Three days were spent familiarising myself with the city, taking photographs and sketching a few notes, before I returned to the Wasps Studios in Selkirk to commence work on the canvas.”

Rob met lots of people during his three day stay in Perth and as well as capturing some local legends he also managed to paint many of Perth’s iconic attractions such as Perth Concert Hall, City Hall and both the North and South Inch.

There are no cars in Rob’s painting, and the River Tay is busy with people enjoying the water on boats which is fitting with the new Boats on the Tay daily trips now available in the city. Despite only spending three days in Perth, Rob left with a very good impression of Perth and its fantastic people.

“There are many fine buildings, as well as some challenging but necessary new ones to be incorporated but a city isn’t just about its buildings, however grand they appear. The soul of Perth is to be found in its people.

“Whether it’s the Kilt Run or the Tay Descent, or some other equally exhausting event, the people of Perth seem up for it!!

If you like what Rob’s done, you can purchase your own copy or pop down to The Fair Maid’s House to see it for yourself. The people of Perth seem up for it! RSGS chief executive, Mike Robinson, hopes that as many people as possible make a point of seeing the painting and buying their own limited edition prints, with seventy-five percent of the proceeds from the sales going to the society.

“I absolutely love this painting. It represents a really dynamic, exciting and colourful vision of Perth by picking up on lots of real people and places. I sincerely hope that people take it to their hearts and buy a copy.”



The exhibition of Rob Hain’s painting of Perth is on display until the end of August at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s headquarters in The Fair Maid’s House. Normal opening times are Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 4:30pm.

For more information, please contact the RSGS on 01738 455050.

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