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Hot and Spicy Fish & Chips

Praveen Kumar of Tabla Restaurant may have grown up working on his family's spice farm in Hyderabad Southern Indian, but his own two daughters are Perth born and bred.

His 'Try Something New' task challenged him to fuse his family's Indian-Scottish culinary cultures into one daring dish.  Hot and spicy battered fish is a delicious take on everyone's favourite tea! 

Preparation Time:
30 minutes
Cooking Time:
30 minutes
Serves: 4


  • 4 Haddock fillets
  • 150g gram flour
  • 100g white flour
  • 1/4 tsp curry powder
  • 1/4 tsp chilli powder
  • 1/4 tsp garam masala powder
  • Pinch of turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
  • 20g tamarind paste
  • 10g dry mango powder
  • 1 small bunch of coriander leaves chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for deep frying

    1. Chop the coriander, mix all the dry ingredients, herbs and spices together and gradually add cold water until you have a smooth thick batter.

    2. Heat your oil in a pan.  To check if the oil is hot enough, drop in half a teaspoon of batter.  If the batter rises bubbling to the surface and turns golden brown within about a minute, then the oil is hot enough.  Coat the haddock slices in batter and drop into the oil.  Cook until they are golden brown.

    3. Enjoy with your choice of chips or potato wedges - if you want to keep the theme going, rub a little flaked chilli into your potato before cooking.  Serve with a side salad, garnish and lime wedge.

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