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Rhona Maxwell

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Footcare Scotland specialise in Musculokeletal conditons of the foot and lower leg. They take a fresh approach to the assessment of lower limb function and have moved away from the traditional and outdated methods of assessment and pride themselves in providing up to date, evidenced based, dynamic assessment.

This enables them to accurately diagnose any deficit in strength or restriction in movement that may be causing your lower limb injury.  They have an in-house Orthopedic Consultant surgeon, as well as working very closely with physiotherapists, sports doctors, sports therapists, running coaches and personal trainers, ensuring that you are seen by the right specialist at the right time in your rehabilitation and can return to your chosen activity quickly, safely and pain free.

Good foot health is important to living a happy, healthy and active life.  Many foot conditions such as corns, hard skin, verrucae and ingrowing toenails can impact on your mobility and quality of life.  Footcare Scotland offer a comprehensive range of treatments to effectively and safely help you with your foot problems.
And, if you just want to spoil yourself, why not try their gold standard Medical Pedicure.   Let them pamper your feet while you sit back and relax in their beautifully appointed clinic. Your nails will be cut, shaped and buffed, dealing with any thick or unsightly nails in the process.  All of that hard/unsightly skin will be removed, followed by a soothing warm wax treatment and a relaxing foot rub, leaving your feet feeling and looking like new.
Footcare Scotland
53-55 York Place
Tel: 01738 451567
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