Discover the history of this natural stone

Axe Head Talk

12th APRIL 2018

Birnam Arts & Conference Centre

Birnam Arts & Conference Centre

Station Road
Birnam, Perth and Kinross, PH8 0DS, Scotland
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Discover the history of this natural stone

A new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, PROJET JADE, which opened in May this year, showcases a rarely seen collection of Stone Age jade axeheads found in Scotland, most of which were created over 6,000 years ago and brought here around 4,000 years ago by immigrant French farmers. Discover the history of this natural stone, the people who owned these axeheads, and the history and beliefs of the Neolithic people responsible for the complicated process which turned jade into a precious and prized possession.

The tough Alpine rocks are difficult to work and it took over 1,000 hours to make a highly polished axehead.

  • U26s (£5.00)
  • General Admission (£9.00)

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